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Our Ten Commitment

1- LingTong offer green, environment friendly and resuable modular exhibition system material, the company operation system is founded strictly according to ISO9001, ISO14001 and Performance Excellence Model.

2- LingTong products conform to German DIN standard and LingTong OCN standard which is authorised by AQSIQ.

3- Tension lock with five years guarantee under correct use, broken ones due to quality reasons could be replaced for free within this period; plywood PVC panel defects like bubbles between decoration surface and base panel due to non-human factors could be replaced for free within one year.

4- Social network support on booth construction all over the world

5- Free hotline in China 800-82866786, reply questions within 48 hours.

6- Offer modular exhibition system training course, design support and designer training.

7- LingTong could provide such guidance as design, construction, storage, maintenance and repairing.

8- LingTong gurantees the compatibility between different series, continuity between new and old system, accessories supply for eliminated system in 5 years.

9- Aluminium profiles bought from LingTong could be replaced by new ones at good price.

10- Send our updated products information, catalouge and exhibition industry news in time. Share our collection of excellent design regularly for free.