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[100 Years of Founding of the Party, Green Display]


EP01: A collection of solutions to present gifts to the Party


A hundred years of trials and hardships,

A hundred years of overcoming difficulties.


The Chinese Communist Party leads the people of all ethnic groups across the country

to walk through a hundred years of great waves,

We have ushered in the great leap of the Chinese nation from standing up, getting rich to becoming strong.


Standing at the important historical moment of the centenary anniversary of the founding of the Party in 2021, how to show the great Communist Party’s centuries of exploration and unswerving struggle, inherit the ideals and beliefs of the revolutionary ancestors, feel the hard-won great achievements, has become the important work and aim of the new year.


At this important moment,

Lingtong Exhibition Specially Launched

[100 Years of Founding of the Party, Green Exhibition] Theme Solution

Green, Eco-friendly, Reused and Quickly assembled

modular creative display solution,

contributes to the outstanding presentation of the Party’s centennial history and achievements.


As the foundation and bloodline of the Communist Party of China in governing and rejuvenating the country, the history of the party is the crystallization of the wisdom of all party members and a great achievement of the Communist Party of China in the past century. On the axis of this important era, we believe that the Communist Party of China will be able to continue writing a new chapter of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and start a new journey of socialist modernization.


More [100 Years of Founding of the Party, Green Display] content, stay tuned for the follow-up of LingTong Exhibition~~