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Lingtong Exhibition 2020 Commendation Conference and 2021 Spring Festival Sales Conference achieved a complete success


On February 7th, Lingtong Exhibition 2020 Commendation Conference was successfully held in Lingtong Base of the National Advertising Industry Park.Although in 2020, the entire exhibition industry, including Lingtong Exhibition, are suffering the huge impact of the outbreak, under the guidance of the Lingtong Board of Directors, with the strong support of leaders at all levels, and the joint efforts of all employees, it is extraordinary. In the ordinary 2020, Lingtong Exhibition has still made innovative progress and breakthroughs, and emerged a group of outstanding employee representatives who love their jobs, work hard, unity and forge ahead.

Due to the obstruction of the epidemic, the members of Lingtong Exhibition Branch were unable to return to the headquarters. Therefore, in this special period, we moved the conference to “online and participated in the conference through network video, which built a bridge for the interconnection and unity between the members of the headquarters and the colleagues in the branch.

The first, second and third prizes of TCD improvement proposal

10 years of outstanding contribution honor awards

20 years of outstanding contribution honor awards

Xu Shenglin, General Manager of International Business Department of Lingtong Exhibition

Make sales work plan for 2021

Yang Kede, General Manager ofExhibition Business Department of Lingtong Exhibition

Make sales work plan for 2021

Zhang Jian, Executive Vice President of Lingtong Exhibition

Make sales work plan for 2021

Huang Biao, President of Lingtong Exhibition, delivered a keynote speech on "To achieve the sustainable growth of Lingtong Exhibition, we are vigorously moving forward and pursuing our dreams". In his speech, Mr. Huang summarized the main achievements and work highlights of Lingtong Exhibition in 2020. Not only did he continue to cultivate in the field of green exhibitions, but also made historical breakthroughs in the field of green exhibitions, andthrough a series of new epidemic prevention research and development, to make the company succeed in the adversity of the breakthrough. At the same time, President Huang also made an in-depth analysis of the opportunities and challenges faced by Lingtong in 2021, and gave specific measures for transformation and upgrading in the post-epidemic era, While focusing on the five characteristics of “double, fast, good, economical, and green in the post-epidemic era, it actively implements the five major alternatives: adapting measures to local conditions, implementing policies in accordance with the company, adapting policies to conditions, adapting measures to conferences, and making it easier first and then difficult, to turn crises into opportunities in the post-epidemic era and realize the sustainable growth of Lingtong Exhibition.

At the end of the conference, Liu Yuguang, chairman of Lingtong Exhibition, made a concluding speech. Chairman Liu first expressed his gratitude to all Lingtong staffs for their perseverance and hard work in 2020. Regarding how Lingtong Exhibition will achieve leapfrog development in 2021, Chairman Liu pointed out that it is necessary to make corresponding work planning and deployment in advance according to the different development trends of the future epidemic, and strive to respond to market demand as quickly as possible at all stages, At the same time, we must continue to do a good job in market development and business extension, and strive to achieve the development goal of the transformation and upgrading of Lingtong.

Despite the hardships of 2020, it is destined to be remembered throughout our lives. When darkness shines into reality, only by running forward can we see the dawn of success. In 2021, Lingtong Exhibition will further accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, and strive to achieve self-breakthrough and growth.