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The 2020 LingTong "Quality Month" event was a complete success! Foreword:


With the increasing saturation of various industries, the competition between enterprises and products is becoming more and more fierce. Of course, there are many decisive factors for who can seize the market and go further, but service and quality are absolutely crucial. In the long run respecting and paying attention to quality is a sharp edge for enterprise development, which can bring great benefits to the enterprise;

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On February 2, the second LingTong Quality Month Event Summary and Commendation Conference was successfully held at the LingTong Base of the National Advertising Industry Park. The meeting summarized and reviewed the holding of the 2020 "LingTong Quality Month" event, and at the same time commended individuals and groups who made outstanding contributions in the event.


Awarded the Quality Model Award in the third and fourth quarters of 2020


2020 LingTong Knowledge Competition Awards


2020 LingTong Quality Essay Award


2020 Quality Improvement Proposal One and Two Awards

Awarding workshops

 Finally, Ding Hui, vice president of LingTong Exhibition Company, made a summary of the quality month activities. Mr. Ding said that quality is an eternal topic and will never go out of style. Although 2020 is very special, LingTong has overcome all difficulties and held the second LingTong Quality Month event. The purpose of the event is to increase the quality awareness of all employees, improve product quality, enhance product competitiveness, and enhance company and employee benefits. Looking back on the holding of the two LingTong Quality Month events, the company has made considerable progress in quality improvement. LingTong will continue to organize the Quality Month event as a traditional event to inherit the quality awareness of excellence. I believe that with the joint efforts of everyone, the quality of LingTong's products and services will definitely improve in 2021!