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[Epidemic prevention is not underestimated, LingTong helps save trouble] 01: How to quickly build a "vaccine injection station"


With the steady progress of normalized epidemic prevention in my country, the COVID-19 vaccination work has also been carried out in various regions in an orderly manner. Up to now, the number of COVID-19 vaccination in my country has exceeded 15 million.

As the most economical, scientific and effective way to prevent COVID-19, vaccination against new crown pneumonia is also one of the measures to form a population's immune barrier and effectively control the new crown epidemic. Therefore, various provinces and cities in China have opened temporary vaccination sites to ensure the smooth progress of vaccination.


In order to maximize the saving of labor and time costs,

Ensure the rapid and effective progress of epidemic prevention work,

Based on the emphasis on market demand,

Combining the characteristics of core products,

That is, the modular assembly display frame,

Design and development

【Vaccine Injection Station-Quickly Build System】



The [Vaccine Injection Station-Quick Build System] is based on the structural design of the LingTong modular assembly display frame. It can quickly build one or more injection spaces in any open space for the temporary and urgent needs of vaccine injection work. In addition, the partition design has been used to ensure the safety and privacy of the injection work.


In addition, the use of the main material of the aluminum alloy frame also maximizes the convenience of product transportation and the high reuse rate in the later period, which brings great convenience to the development of medical care during the special period of epidemic prevention.


In 2020, the Chinese people started a defense war against the epidemic and achieved positive results. In 2021, normalized epidemic prevention work will continue. At the same time, LingTong Exhibition will continue to help my country's defense epidemic prevention cause through product innovation, and further improve the rapid epidemic prevention series of products. Together, we will overcome the difficulties and look forward to the final victory of the epidemic.