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Talking about the new development of green exhibition: Lingtong’s journey of “Three NewExhibition” has come to a successful end


On November 13, the 2020 China Convention and Exhibition Activities, New Technology, New Equipment and New Service Exhibition and China Convention and Exhibition Cross-Border Cooperation and Exchange Summit ("Convention and Exhibition Three New Exhibition" for short) grandly opened at Hangzhou International Expo Center.

“Three New Exhibition”: the only "conference + exhibition" integrated event in China with the theme of new technology, new equipment and new services for exhibition activities. A total of 91 companies participated this time, and more than 700 representatives from well-known domestic exhibition host companies, exhibition management agencies, and well-known Internet companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, Jingdong and Baidu participated in the summit.

As a leading company in China's green exhibitions, Lingtong Exhibition was invited to participate in this“Three New Exhibition”, discussing the future prospects of cross-border integration and innovative development of the exhibition industry with old and new friends. Huang Biao, the president of Lingtong Exhibition, was invited to attend the plenary meeting of the “Three New Exhibition” on the morning of the 14th and delivered a speech themed with "New Opportunities and New Challenges in the Development of Post-epidemic Green Exhibition".

In his speech, President Huang explored the new growth space for the development of green exhibitions by systematically analyzing the new characteristics of the exhibition industry after the epidemic, namely the five new trends are more, faster, better, province and green. At the same time, starting from the construction of the entire exhibition industry chain, the green exhibition supply chain, and the green exhibition supervision chain, the overall solution for green exhibitions is proposed, and the development ideas are innovated, providing you with high-quality and reference green exhibition theory and new guidance.

The successful opening of this“Three New Exhibition” in Hangzhou, once again emphasized and publicized the importance of the two tasks of "digital innovation" and "green transformation" in the exhibition industry. The two-day exhibition covers the wonderful sharing of countless contents, including exhibition digitization, exhibition informatization, integration of online and offline exhibitions, and green exhibition solutions, etc., bringing good guidance and leading role for the next stage of innovation and development of the exhibition industry. Lingtong Exhibition is honored to be able to participate in the opening of this “Three New Exhibition. At the same time, we sincerely hope that with the support of new technologies, new equipment and new services, China's exhibition industry will develop more vigorously.