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LINGTONG Launched New Logo


LINGTONG Launched New Logo!
Green exhibition, tradition subversion
Dear Partners:
Thank you so much for your supporting in the past years!
 LINGTONG, founded in 1986, after 33 years of development, has now entered a new stage of corporate transformation and upgrading. In order to cope with the changing market and the implementation of the latest development strategy of Lingtong Group, to further enhance the recognition and communication effect of the brand, enhance the corporate image and visibility, and build a first-class brand, Lingtong Group and its subsidiaries have decided to start to apply a brand new LOGO from December 5th, 2019.
The new logo is shown as follows:

The color application of Lingtong's new LOGO has continued the red color of last generation, expressing the inherent quality of Lingtong's consistent enthusiasm, openness and bold breakthrough. The new LOGO is no longer presented with graphics but with intuitive English letters, which greatly enhances brand recognition and strengthens the appeal of brand expression.
 The design and activation of Lingtong's new LOGO focuses on the core idea of Green exhibition, tradition subversion’. Through the six keywords’Inheritance, Subversion and Innovation’, it explains the design connotation of Lingtong's new LOGO, marking the company's development target of firmly promoting green exhibition and striving to achieve the corporate transformation and upgrading.
 1. Inheritance: The letter "O" in the LOGO abandons the traditional circular design sense, and chooses an octagonal outline, which looks like a simplified ‘octagonal profile’. Octagonal profile is the representative of Lingtong's traditional products and has witnessed the development of Lingtong since its establishment. This design is a testimony to the past achievement, and it is a heritage of the history of Lingtong. It also means that Lingtong does not forget its original intention, and firmly keep the mission of developing green exhibitions in mind!
 2. Subversion: The letter "i" has been reversed as a whole without affecting visual identity, and vividly expresses that today, as the convention and exhibition industry matures, Lingtong dares to subvert traditional wooden structures, implement new environmental protection concepts, and promote the firm goal of green exhibition development. The inverted letter "i" also looks like an exclamation mark "!". The bottom point is especially green, which is in sharp contrast with red. The visual impact strikes the heart, and it expresses the firm determination that Lingtong will push the green exhibition to the end!
 3. Innovation: Each letter in the LOGO has sharp angles, representing a modular product of Lingtong. This product is a major innovation of environmental protection exhibition equipment, which allows different functions of products to be freely combined, flexible disassembly and assembly, simple installation and easy operation. The final LOGO is presented through the free combination of upper and lower case letters, which is an image metaphor for modular products that can be freely disassembled and assembled.
 Looking at the overall LOGO, the letter “O” represents the traditional standardized product of Lingtong; the free combination of uppercase and lowercase letters explains the modular products of Lingtong; and the inverted letter “i” which subverts the traditional also implies a well-defined customized solution ability. Therefore, the design of the entire LOGO incorporates the three major product concepts of Lingtong, namely ‘standardization, modularization, and customization”, which illustrates the transformation and upgrading of Lingtong from the original single exhibition fixture manufacturer to the green exhibition display comprehensive solution service provider. It symbolizes the continuous development and innovation of Lingtong, daring to break through on the basis of not forgetting the original intention and inheriting history, to be in line with international trends, promote the comprehensive development of green exhibitions, and strive to achieve the strategic goal of building a green exhibition service ecosystem.
 Lingtong Exhibition System Co., Ltd.
December 2019