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Lingtong helps the 2019 furniture exhibition "green construction" to get a good harvest again!


With the 25th China International Furniture Fair grand opening at the Shanghai New International
Expo Center on September 9th, editor's circle of friends has been thoroughly
screened by the beautiful furniture that is dazzling and dazzling at the show!

Every piece of furniture with a sense of design fits the public's pursuit of life,
and the personalized "stand" that carries the culture of each
furniture brand is no exception. Continuing the success of the "Excellent
Green Building" selection event of the 24th Furniture Exhibition in 2018,
this year's furniture exhibition will continue to hold hands with "green
construction", adhering to "actively promoting green exhibitions and
practicing the latest environmental protection booth evaluation standards of
the Ministry of Commerce". The concept, with the theme of
Exhibition, we Are Practitioners
, aims to lead the
exhibition to the green and environmental protection direction through the
holding of the selection activities, and also to present the
low carbon green life concept to
everyaudience at the furniture show.
As a practitioner and advocate of the Green Exhibition, Lingtong Exhibition is the
co-organizer of the Green Judging Committee. Zhou Hu, the general manager of
the Service Center, participated in the whole process of the selection of the
event as a member of the jury. On the afternoon of September 10th, Huang Biao,
President of Lingtong Exhibition, was invited to present the
Green Building Award
awarding ceremony as the honored
guest, and awarded the winners their honor!

With the green exhibition as always, it has
become the most influential leader in the field of environmental protection
exhibits. Whether it is the development of advanced technology, the upgrading
of quality concepts, the innovation of service models and the diversification
of talent cultivation, every step of the development of the Lingtong is to
promote the green development of the industry.

At this award ceremony, Lingtong won the
honor of
2019 China International Furniture Exhibition Excellent Green
Building Award
Excellent Construction Booth
Environmental Material Supplier
. This is definitely an
incentive. In the future, Lingtong will continue to follow the development
concept of circular economy, and integrate the world's advanced display
technology to continuously strengthen the R&D and innovation of
environmental protection exhibitions to meet the needs of increasingly diverse
exhibition display. At the same time, Lingtong will continue to build a green
exhibition service ecosystem as its strategic goal, and help the exhibition
industry to build thegreen exhibition ecosystem which regards exhibition
organizers, exhibition venues and exhibition service providers as the main
body, run throughdesign, exhibition, conference activities, audience
organization and other links.