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Talent Cultivation and Industry Integration | Boao Exhibition Industry College Seminar Successfully Held under Lingtong’s Assistance


August 29th, 2019, guided by China Tourism Association, Hainan Provincial Tourism and
Culture Radio and Television Department, Hainan Provincial Commercial Department,
Hainan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, 2019 Boao
Tourism Development Forum and Tourism Commodities Fair and The sub-forum Boao
Convention and Exhibition Industry College Seminar was hosted by the National
Higher Education Schools Union at the Boao Asia Forum Hotel. Lingtong
Exhibition System Co., Ltd. was the first wholesale unit, and Luo Wei, the
general manager of Lingtong Guangzhou Branch, attended the meeting and spoke.

The establishment of Boao Exhibition Industry College aims to promote the development of
exhibition and industry integration. Through further improving the training
system for exhibition talents, we will explore the training model of
professional talents led by industry enterprises, to solve the demand for
high-quality talents in the exhibition industry, and promote the supply of
talents. The all-round integration of the talent supply side and industrial
demand side structural elements brings new momentum to the sustainable
development of the exhibition industry.

Luo Wei, general manager of Lingtong Exhibition Guangzhou Branch, said in his speech: The
current development of exhibition industry faces the current situation of huge
talent gap and asymmetry of supply and demand. As a platform for the
integration of production and education, Boao Exhibition Industry College plays
a role in connecting enterprises and institutions. It can combine the
development needs of enterprises and job requirements with the professional
curriculum of the school to help cultivate the existing professional knowledge.
Boao Exhibition Industry College has the ability to practice, have a complete
understanding of the industry, can be employed in a relatively short period of
time and quickly adapt to the professional talents of the development of the
exhibition industry. This not only creates economic benefits for the enterprise
itself, but also greatly promotes the development of the entire exhibition

In recent years, while its own continuous development,
Lingtong Exhibition pays special attention to promoting the sustainable
development of the industry. In the talent training program, since 2007,
Lingtong Exhibition has sponsored the “Environmental Component Exhibition
Training Course”, which has been held for 23 consecutive sessions and
officially changed its name to “Songjian Lake International Exhibition Design
Summit Forum” in January 2018. So far, more than 5,000 designers and
construction workers, more than 1,300 construction companieshave been trained.
In addition, the company has been engaged in industry-university-research
cooperation with major universities in China for many years, and has
continuously expanded its excellent channels for introducing technical talents
from universities.

Fortunately, as the first wholesale unit of the Boao
Convention and Exhibition Industry College. In the future, Lingtong Exhibition will
fully support the development of the college, jointly establish student
internship bases, industrial research, school-enterprise joint construction and
other projects to help train a large number of high-quality innovative talents
and technical skills. We will improve the talent training system for the
exhibition industry, enhance the core competitiveness of the industry, and
bring together new kinetic energy for the development of the industry.