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Lingtong News | Environmental Protection Exhibitions Helped the 15th Exhibition Culture Festival to be successfully held


The 15th China International Convention and Exhibition Cultural Festival was held
in Hangzhou International Expo Center from August 29 to September 1, 2019. The
theme of the festival focuses on
cross-border integration, technological innovation and exhibition
. Experts and famous people from all sections
of the exhibition industry were invited to discuss the new future. As an old
friend of the Convention and Exhibition Cultural Festival, Lingtong Exhibition
System Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the meeting with Chairman Liu Yuguang as
the representative, once again to feel the colorful charm of the exhibition

This year's Exhibition and Cultural Festival activities have carried out
multi-disciplinary, multi-dimensional and multi-level exchanges and
interactions, including the 2nd China International Import Expo Service
Standards Publicity Conference, 2019 China Exhibition Industry High-level
Development Forum, Expo Future•Innovative Thoughts, The awarding ceremony and
strategic signing ceremony of Hangzhou Qianjiang Century Exhibition Industrial
Park were held concurrently.

On the morning of the 31st, at the strategic signing ceremony, Lingtong Exhibition
System Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou International Expo Center signed a green
exhibition cooperation agreement. Through strategic cooperation, the two sides
complement each other's advantages and jointly promote the all-round development
of green exhibitions, and flourish for China's exhibition industry which laid a
solid foundation for the flourishing prosperity of China's convention and
exhibition industry.

The success of this year's convention and exhibition cultural festival also has a
special highlight – the innovative application of environmental protection


Coffee lounge

When it comes to convention and exhibition culture, it is presumed that "green
exhibition" is already a very familiar theme. Relying on the 15th Exhibition
Culture Festival, in order to spread the concept of green
exhibition more widely and put the concept into practice, the Hangzhou
International Expo Center, the organizer of the Cultural Festival, specially
cooperates with Lingtong Exhibition System Co., Ltd. To create a coffee lounge
for the guests. In addition to providing coffee and casual meetings, the two
booths are also specially used as “green creative display areas” to spread the
concept of “green exhibitions” to each guest in the form of practical


Lingtong colorful butterfly

On the evening of the 31st, “Lingtong Colorful Butterfly” was unveiled at the
“18th China Convention and Exhibition Industry Golden Dolphin Awards Ceremony”
to send a blessing to the success of the Convention and Culture Festival.
"Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Green, Blue, Purple", the seven-color
butterfly hanging ceremony, lively and vividly, so that the magnificent banquet
scene is more colorful. The material for creating a "butterfly" is
simple and environmentally friendly, but it is a combination of aluminum round
tubes and fabric frames.

The 15th China International Convention and Exhibition Cultural Festival was
successfully concluded on September 1. Through the success of the event, the
exhibitors also made clear the future direction of China's exhibition industry:
the future of China's exhibition is ecologically friendly, intelligent and
technological, and diversified and innovative. As a leading company that has
always been at the forefront of exhibition development, Lingtong Exhibition has
adhered to the development concept of green environmental protection since its
inception. In the future, we will continue to follow the development trend of
the exhibition industry and strengthen the technological innovation, quality
assurance and service upgrading of enterprises. Adhere to the corporate
strategy of “building a green exhibition service ecosystem” and effectively
promote the sustainable development of China's exhibition industry with
practical actions!