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“Wonderful training” not to be missed| Director Chen Zeyan's Exploration and Reflection on the Development of Convention and Exhibition Industry


I like to come to LingTong to communicate with you because I think that LingTong
is a learning company with a strong learning atmosphere and a rich corporate
This is the current deputy director of the
Academic Steering Committee of the China Conference and Exhibition Economic
Research Association, a professor-level senior engineer, a senior member of the
China Mechanical Engineering Society, and a member of the Ministry of
Commerce's exhibition experts, Mr. Chen Zeyan, who spoke a few words during his
visit to LingTong on August 27.

On August 27th, in the conference hall of LingTong, Mr. Chen Zeyan, Executive Deputy Director of
the Academic Committee of the China Conference and Exhibition Economic Research
Association, was bringing a rich and comprehensive exhibition professional
knowledge lecture to all the managers.This is a precious learning opportunity
for the people of LingTong. All the people listened carefully and seriously.
Director Chen spoke of the wonderful things caused everyone to think and

This is the sixth time that Director Chen has shared the theoretical knowledge of the exhibition
in LingTong. The theme of this training is
70 years, Striding new era
the new cognition of the
exhibition industry and the new realm of the exhibition people
. The whole training centered on four major points: reviewing the
major events of China's exhibition industry since the 70th anniversary of the
founding of New China, analyzing the new developments of China's exhibition
industry in the new era, discussing the responsibilities and responsibility of
Chinese exhibition people, and finally integrating the experience of the first
three points gives concrete thinking and guidance for how the LingTong
Exhibition can better practice the
Green Exhibition

Director Chen said in the sharing: "The initial intention of the exhibition worker is to "provide
services", the work of the exhibition workers is to "build a
platform", and the vision of the exhibition worker is to "make China
develop from a convention and exhibition country into a convention and
exhibition powerful nation". Behind the discourse is the essence of the
exhibition industry, which is the mission that every member of our exhibition
must bear in mind.

The lecture was a total of 2 hours and 40 minutes. What we heard was the wonderful retelling of
each historical exhibition event by Chen, the profound discussion of the
background of each stage, the professional interpretation of each exhibition
policy,the right analysis and thinking of each statistical data, the suggestion
for the innovation and development of the exhibition industry. His spirit of
deep research and continuous learning in the exhibition industry has infected
the collectively versatile people. In the entire training process, the
74-year-old director Chen has maintained a standing posture with a loud voice.
Such a serious and dedicated dedication to the spirit of the well-informed
people set a good example to learn.

Director Chen described the LingTong as a "learning company." As he said, as a
company that continues to innovation and development, LingTonghas always been
committed to cultivating the improvement of employees' self-ability, including
mastery of product knowledge, understanding of industry development,
cultivation of professional skills and development of management thinking. LingTongfirmly
believes that
the progress of
employees is the development of the company
. It is
fortunate to invite Director Chen to do the exhibition knowledge training for
all the managers of the company this time. It is also the purpose of the
company to further enhance employees' understanding and cognition of the
development of the industry and to help the company more scientifically
practice the development concept of "Green Exhibition".