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Sungoal & Lingtong Exhibition:Green Exhibition ,Win-win Future


On August 17, 2019, as advocates and practitioners of green exhibitions in
their respective subdivided industries,Sungoal and Lingtong Exhibition System
Co., Ltd. held a Significant Seminar on Strategic Cooperation about the future
development of green exhibitions, with the theme of "Green Exhibition,
Win-win Future", at the National Advertising Industry Park- Lingtong Base.
The conference went through in-depth analysis , focused on the current
situation of green exhibition development, opportunities and challenges, and
development opportunities brought about by digitization
and informatization. It explored the new development strategy mode under the
current situation, realization of complementary advantages.We reached consensus
through cooperation by promoting the form of green exhibition, helping open up
a new situation forboth of us ,which laid a solid foundation for the vigorous
development of China's exhibition industry.

Today, the green cooperation between Sungoal and Lingtong is only a
miniature in the process of sustainable development of the industry where more
insightful people are exploring a scientific and feasible way to adapt to its
all-round development. It is believed that with the joint efforts of
representatives of all parties in the exhibition industry, green exhibition
will surely be promoted to be implemented in a more innovative form and in a
more efficient mode, thus promoting the overall upgrading of the whole
industrial chain of green exhibition project and realizing the goal of building
a green exhibition service ecosphere.