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Wina green future by communication and connection : 2019 China • Henan, Shanxi, Shanxi Exhibition Industry Union (Xi'an) Summer Summit was successfully held under Lingtong’s help


In order to further enhance the role of the Henan, Shanxi, Shanxi Exhibition Industry Union
platform and promote the common development of regional exhibitions,it is
sponsored by the Henan, Shanxi, Shanxi Exhibition Industry Union. The2019 China
Henan, Shanxi, Shanxi Exhibition Industry Union (Xi'an) Summer Summitjointly organized
by the China Conference and Exhibition Economics Research Association,was held
at the Qujiang International Conference Centerfrom August 8thto10th.
The event is an important event held in the context of the development of a win-win
situation in the field.

As the organizer, Lingtong Exhibition System Co., Ltd. actively participated in the
organization and preparation of the summit. On the day before the opening
ceremony of the summit, on the afternoon of the 8th, the
Green Exhibition Solution and Application Practicetraining meeting was held. On the morning of August 9th, the
opening ceremony of the summit was officially held. Ma Jianming, president of
Xi'an Convention and Exhibition Industry Association, was the host. The party
secretary and director of Xi'an Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Lu Hengjun, gave
a welcome speech. Li Jianyi, secretary of the party committee and director of
Shaanxi Provincial Exhibition Center, and secretary general of the Henan-Shanxi
exhibition industry association, director of the Sanmenxia City Convention and
Exhibition Office Zhao Qian delivered a speech respectively.

After the opening ceremony, all the guests welcomed the keynote speech. The summit
invited Mr. Chu Xiangyin, executive vice president of China Conference and
Exhibition Economy Research Association, Liu Haiying, deputy director of the
National Conference and Exhibition Industry Standardization Technical
Committee, Chen Zeyan, executive deputy director of the Academic Committee of China
Conference and Exhibition Economic Research Association, and Hu Qingyuan,
general manager of Xi'an Yuanhua Software Co., Ltd. Huang Wei, President of
Lingtong Exhibition Systems Co., Ltd. gave a keynote speech. Huang Tong,
President of Lingtong Exhibition, took the theme of
——New Kinetics of Exhibition Industry
. From the current development status of
China's exhibition industry, it expounded the opportunities and challenges
faced by green exhibitions and discussed how to promote the implementation and
practice of green exhibitions. And shared the domestic outstanding green
exhibition project cases and practices. President Huang Wei pointed out: In
order to give new energy to the industry, the green exhibition needs to establish
three-chain, namely: the exhibition industry chain,
the green exhibition supply chain and the green exhibition supervision chain.
In addition, the development of green exhibitions requires more diversified
innovations, including innovations in design concepts, innovation in exhibition
materials, and innovation in the integration of new technologies.

After the speech of President Huang Biao, the inauguration ceremony of the Yu Jin Shanxi
Green Display Service Platform
was held immediately. This indicates that
the development of the exhibition industry in Henan, Shanxi and Shanxi will
integrate multi-faceted resources, gradually promote the concept of green
exhibitions and effectively apply them to practice, and promote the
transformation and upgrading of the conferences and conferences in Henan,
Shanxi and Shanxi with the development and innovation of green exhibitions.

As a leading manufacturer and service provider of green exhibitions in China, Lingtong
Exhibition adheres to the development strategy of
building a
green exhibition service ecosystem
, and promotes
the implementation of the green industry exhibition industry chain from the
perspectives of concept guidance, technological innovation and design upgrade.
. It is believed that under the organization and leadership of the Henan, Shanxi,
Shanxi Exhibition Industry Union, with the joint efforts of all the relevant
units of the exhibition, it will be able to effectively play the role of the
alliance platform and realize the green transformation and upgrading of the
convention and exhibition industry in the Henan, Shanxi and Shanxi regions.
Lingtong Exhibition will continue to
energy for the
Henan, Shanxi, Shanxi Exhibition Industry through environmental protection
exhibitions and creative solutions, helping to integrate the concept of green
exhibition into the planning, organization and implementation of each
exhibition event, and promote the exhibitions in Henan, Shanxi and even the
whole country. The industry achieves sustainable development of green ecology.