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Lingtong Exhibition successfully held the 2019 Summer “Sales Center + Innovation Center” training session!


July,accompanied by the chirping of insects, comes quietly, inadvertently, 2019,
half way.

Every July is an important moment to wave farewell to the first half of the year, to
summarize and reflect, and to plan for the second half of the year. Therefore,
LingTong chose to hold the 2019 Summer “Sales Center + Innovation Center”
training session at this stage, summarizing the work experience gained in the
past six months, sharing the frontier dynamics of the exhibition market,
learning the latest product knowledge, and welcoming with a more professional
attitude. More challenges and possibilities in 2019.

Before the official start of the training session, Zhang Jian, vice president of
Lingtong Exhibition, shared the main purpose of the training: summary,
precipitation, innovation and breakthrough. Only by constantly reflecting and
learning can we create better products and services and help companies adapt to
the ever-changing market and customer needs.

The closed training sessions were held on July 3rd and 9th at the National
Advertising Industry Park Lingtong Base. The R&D and design team of
Lingtong gave a wonderful share for all sales system colleagues.