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LingTong Exhibition System appears at the 2019 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair,Explaining the new vitality of Green Exhibition


From June 10 to 12, the Chengdu Global
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair (2019 Chengdu Global Innovation and
Entrepreneurship Fair) was solemnly held in the Century City of Chengdu.The
conference has built a supply and demand platform for the owners and demanders
of scientific and technological achievements, aiming at promoting the precise
docking of scientific and technological innovation achievements with local
superior enterprises with market prospects, and further promoting the
transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements to the
ground. The exhibition covers many aspects, such as electronic technology,
medicine, education, entertainment, science and technology. Among them, the new
exhibition area attracts the attention of a large number of on-site audiences.

Invited by the organizers, Lintong
Exhibition, as a representative enterprise of promoting the all-round
development of green exhibitions in the new exhibition format, presents itself
in Chengdu Shuangchuang Fair with a set of classic green environmental
protection recyclable exhibits. On the morning of the 10th, Director Chen Fu of
Chengdu Expo Bureau accompanied Mayor Liu Xiaoliu to visit the Lingtong
Exhibition booth. Hanfa Ru, the regional sales director of Lingtong Sichuan,
introduced the characteristics of Lingtong Component Exhibition Tool to Mayor
Liu and his party, and gave an intuitive operation demonstration through
samples. Mayor Liu, after understanding the environmental protection
characteristics of smart component exhibition tools, such as reusability, rapid
disassembly and assembly, easy transportation and storage, and no exhibition
garbage, expressed with emotion that the use of environmental protection
exhibition tools can reduce the waste of resources, and green exhibition should
and must become the mainstream form of exhibition in the future.

In addition, the LingTong Exhibition
Booth has attracted many representatives of exhibition-related enterprises,
including designers, builders and home service providers. Through the on-site
demonstration and introduction of sales director Han Faru, we once again publicized
the usage methods and application scenarios of smart component exhibition
tools, so that you can truly experience the characteristics of environmental
protection exhibition tools.

The holding of Chengdu Shuangchuang
Association in 2019 enables global innovation and entrepreneurship resources to
converge, merge and connect in Chengdu, highlighting the economic vitality and
potential of Chengdu as a new inland open highland. The new exhibition area
shows us the achievements and potential of Chengdu in promoting the development
and innovation of the exhibition industry. As a friendly partner, Lintong
Exhibition will continue to support the green development of the exhibition
industry in Chengdu with high-quality products and services, enhance the green
momentum of the exhibition industry, and jointly promote the sustainable
transformation and upgrading of China's exhibition industry.