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Creating Green Exhibition, building beautiful Yiwu --LingTong Exhibition Helps Promote Green Exhibition in Yiwu City in 2019


On May 7, the second day of summer. The
"Yiwu Municipal Conference on Accelerating Green Exhibition"
co-sponsored by the City Exhibition was held smoothlyin order to accelerate the
green development of Yiwu's exhibition industry, promote the application of
green environmental protection technology in the exhibition comprehensively,
encourage enterprises to transform and upgrade green, and build the ecological
circle of Yiwu's green exhibition industry.

After detailed planning and perfect
preparation, the promotion meeting was attended by delegates from all sides of
the exhibition of Yiwu Market Development Committee, Economic and Credit
Bureau, Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, Eco-environment Branch, Business
Bureau, Wenguang Travel and Sports Bureau, Administrative Law Enforcement
Bureau, Mall Group, Convention and Exhibition Industry Federation, Mall
Exhibition, Heads of Exhibition Enterprises and Media Journalists, etc to
discuss the promotion of green exhibition in Yiwu City at various levels and in
all directions.

Huang Biao, Vice Chairman of China Green
Exhibition Alliance, Director of China Exhibition Engineering Committee and
President of Lintong Exhibition System Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the
meeting and delivered a keynote speech entitled "Current Situation and
Trends of China Green Exhibition". In this regard, Yiwu TV also conducted
on-site interviews with Ms. Huang, who made a vivid interpretation of the
current situation of the development of green exhibition and how to achieve
further effective promotion in the face of challenges and opportunities. Huang
said that China's green exhibition development will go through three stages,
the first stage of "solo struggle", the second stage of "unity is strength
and the third stage of "industry consensus". Nowadays, we are in the
second stage of the most critical development. The strength of each sector of
the exhibition industry chain is constantly cohesive and we are facing
difficultiesand we shouldcooperate to promote green exhibitions. I believe that
with our joint efforts and unremitting exploration, we will surely enter the
third stage, that is, the stage of all-round development and prosperity of
green exhibitions with industry consensus and general trend!

Director Liu Junxia, Yiwu Market Development
Committee, given detailed regulations from the three-year goal of development
to the guiding mechanism in the process of development, the green construction
of convention and exhibition center, the green exhibition of the main body of
convention and exhibition, the technological revolution and solid waste
disposal and explained the
requirements in the process of explanation one by one. The realization of green
convention and exhibition must not be achieved overnight, and needs to be promoted
and implemented step by step and in a long-term and comprehensive way. Direct
Liu's speech also fully reflects the firm determination of Yiwu Market
Development Committee to promote green exhibition work.

The meeting recorded important moments which
worthy of commemoration: Jin Yafei, President of Yiwu Convention and Exhibition
Federation and General Manager of Shopping Mall, and Huang Biao, President of
Lintong Exhibition System Co., Ltd. signed the "Green Conference and
Exhibition Strategic Cooperation Agreement", aiming at creating a win-win
and sustainable development strategy through close cooperation and
complementary advantages between the two sides. The cooperative relationship
will further promote green exhibition in Yiwu market, lay an important position
in the development of green exhibition in Zhejiang and even the whole country,
and promote the comprehensive and sustainable development of Yiwu exhibition

Finally, all the participants signed the
"Yiwu Green Exhibition Initiative" and left a precious group photo.
While signing the proposal, Yiwu local exhibition related enterprises also
expressed full confidence in doing a good job in promoting green exhibition,
striving to walk out of the green road of Yiwu exhibition industry with rich

This promotion meeting conforms to the
overall development trend of green exhibition in the exhibition industry and
faces the problems and difficulties in the development of green exhibition in
Yiwu City. All units in the exhibition industry chain need to promote and work
togetherfrom improving "green consciousness" to practicing
"green action", from training "green design" to using
"green materials", from pursuing "green construction" to
co-creating "green exhibition". As a partner and support unit, it is
our duty and mission to promote the sustainable development of Yiwu Green
Exhibition. We will fully support Yiwu to build the "Green
Exhibition" goal and promote the green, healthy and sustainable
development of Zhejiang and even the whole country's exhibition industry.