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Good news | Lingtong Exhibition has been re-elected as vice president of China Green Exhibition Alliance!


To all our customers, friends, partners and
colleagues who care about Lingtong’s development:

We are very excited to sharea piece of good
newswith you:

Previously, the change of council members
of China Green Exhibition Alliance has been completed successfully.

With our own strength and brand influence,

Lingtong Exhibition has been re-elected as
the vice president of China Green Exhibition Alliance!

There should be applause here!

From Mar.5th to 7th, 2019, the third
annual convention of China Green Exhibition Alliance was held in Chongqing
International Expo Center. As the vice president of the alliance,thepresident
of Lingtong Exhibition System Co., Ltd.: Mr. Huang Wei,attended the convention.

On the one hand, people in the convention discussed, reviewed
and approved the 2018 work report of the alliance and the 2019 work proposal.On
the other hand,the convention held the re-election of the members of the
Alliance Council, and reviewed and approved the list of the members of the
second Alliance Council.With the persistence and dedication of the green
exhibition and promotion work, Lingtong was re-elected as the vice president of
China Green Exhibition Alliance and won the honorary award of
2018 Green Exhibition
Practice Advanced Unit

In 2018, it was a crucial year for the excellent progress of the
green exhibition;

In 2018, it is another year that Lingtong Exhibition continues
to adhere to and innovate green development.

We actively strengthen the exchange and cooperation with all
units of the exhibition industry chain. On the one hand, we have cooperated
with the Circulation Industry Promotion Center of the Ministry of Commerce to
formulate industry standards.The five standards including
Environmental Booth
Evaluation Standards
have all been published and
implemented. On the other hand, through joint activities with the government,
industry associations, venues, organizers, etc. to organize green promotion
seminars and other activities, the new concept of
low-carbon, environmental protection”will be further promoted, and the green
development of the entire industry chain will be constantly promoted.

In addition, Lingtong Exhibition always adheres to the service
conception of
is our success
and continuously provides the market
with a full-fledged green exhibition overall solution.In 2018, we not only
completed the 35,000 sq.m venue layout of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization
Qingdao Summit News Center in a one-and-a-half-month period, but also
participated in the first China International Import Expo project. With green,
fast and energy-saving smart environmental protection exhibitions, it displayed
the good image of 31 national and enterprise booths and a high-tech exhibition
hall (Zhangjiang Science City Exhibition Hall) of the first session of the
Expo, which was highly praised by customers and leaders.

In the future, Lingtong Exhibition will continue to adhere to
the corporate strategy of
builda green exhibition service ecosystem,
play a leading role in the industry, keep up with the trend of technology
development, master the latest research technology, and reduce energy and
material consumption in the production process, to
promote the exhibition industry to achieve green and low carbon sustainable
development.At the same time, Lingtong Exhibition will continue to actively
cooperate with various work of the Alliance and contributes to the development
of the Green Exhibition Alliance.We also appeal to more friends to join us,
achieve green exhibitions, and take actions to create health and beauty!