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This time is Chengdu—LingTong Exhibition Shares Application Practice of Green Exhibits


On March 15, the annual Dana Chengdu Advertising
Exhibition was carried out as scheduled, Chengdu International Green Exhibition
(Building) Summit Forum which was sponsored by the conference and exhibition service
industry association of Chengdu, the magazine of the Chinese and Foreign Exhibition,
Sichuan Dana Exhibition Co., LTD., Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co.,
LTD. and China Green Exhibition Alliance and China Industrial Design
Association Exhibition Design Committee was held in Chengdu Century City New
International Convention and Exhibition Center. Liu Yan, Northwest Manager of
LingTong Exhibition System Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the forum and
delivered a keynote speech entitled "Sharing the Practical Application of
Green Exhibits".

This forum responds positively to the
initiative of Chengdu to promote green exhibitions, and carries out diversified
activities around the theme of "green exhibitions and creative
innovation". There are not only many excellent keynote speeches brought by
experts in green exhibition industry, but also many thematic dialogues aimed at
the practice and future development of green exhibition that the core is
directed at the application of environmental protection exhibition tools and
the opportunities and difficulties of promoting green exhibition in Chengdu.
The purpose is to further promote the concept of green environmental protection
and low carbon and promote Chengdu to do a good job of green exhibition

In her keynote speech "Sharing the
Practical Application of Green Exhibits", Manager Liu Yan of LingTong
Exhibition firstly demonstrated why green exhibitions should be practiced in an
all-round way from the current situation of exhibitions at home and abroad and analyzed
the bottlenecks and future directions of the development of the exhibition
industry in a nutshell. On the basis of concept guidance and combined with the
green environmental protection scheme of Lintong Exhibition service, it vividly
demonstrated the technological progress and multi-function of environmental
protection exhibition tools, so that the audience can more vividly understand that
green exhibition tools can not only achieve low-carbon, environmental
protection, but also achieve a variety of exhibition and display functions and

As a leading manufacturer and service
provider of green exhibition scheme in China, LingTong Exhibition always
strives to "Bring Environment-Friendly exhibition system into every expo
space". We must admit that today, green exhibition is developing rapidly
and tomorrow, we need to have more firm belief than today. We should firm
development concept of green environment protection, adhere to the practice of
green exhibition landing, firmly believe in the bright future of green
exhibition with more innovative technology, better products, better service to
boost green exhibition.

We are always on the way to promote the green
development of exhibition industry. This time is Chengdu; please look forward
to next stop.