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LingTong News∣Director of Jiangsu Intellectual Property Office, Mr. Zhi Suping, visited our company to investigate intellectual property work


On the afternoon of September 4th, Zhi Suping, Director of the Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual
Property Office, came to Base of the National Advertising Industry Park-LingTong
base to visit, investigate and inspect, accompanied by Yang Weihong (Deputy
Director of Changzhou Science and Technology Bureau) and other relevant

Director Zhi Suping fully affirmed the efforts and achievements of Lingtong Exhibition
over the years. At the same time, he sincerely encourages Lingtong to continue
to set an example in the industry, give full play to the advantages of its own
technical strength, and take a good path of intellectual property strategy.
Make a better contribution to the exhibition industry and social development!