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Heavy news∣The first post-doctoral of LingTong Exhibition successfully concluded


     On August 21, 2018, the first postdoctoral fellow of
the Lingtong exhibition completed the academic defense successfully .

      In order to enhance the R&D capability of the technical team and realize the
excellence of the product quality, LingTong Exhibition keeps friendly
cooperation with all kinds of domestic universities all the year round. In
February 2016, it was approved to establish Jiangsu Province Post-doctoral
Innovation Practice Base. Mr. Huang Biao, the president of the company,
Personally responsible for the talent introduction of the Post-doctoral
Innovation Practice Base. In June 2016, through the establishment of all-round
cooperation with East China University of Science and Technology and Changzhou
Institute of Technology, Lingtong Exhibition ushered in the first in-service
Dr. Rao Feng from the Mechanical
and Electrical College of Changzhou Institute of Technology.

     Rao Feng, Ph. D. in optical engineering, associate professor of Changzhou Institute
of Technology and visiting scholar of City University Hong Kong. After entering
the Post-doctoral Innovation Practice Base, Dr. Raofeng launched the research
and development work of the project "Design and Optimization of High
Brightness LED Light Guide Plate for Large Size Light Guide Plate"
according to the precise market demand of Smart Products. The key problems such
as uneven luminescence of large Size Light Guide Plate were solved technically,
and a series of scientific research achievements were obtained: Applying for
invention Two patents, two utility model patents, one municipal third-class
scientific and technological progress award, one provincial industrial support
project, and in 2017 won the honor of "Jiangsu Shuangchuang Doctor".

      The successful academic defense of post-doctoral inspires Lingtong to make full use
of the post-doctoral practice innovation base platform in the future, continue
to maintain cooperation with industry-university universities in various
domestic universities, accelerate the introduction of high-end technical
talents, and enrich and strengthen enterprises. Innovative research and
development capabilities, constantly overcome the technical problems of green
exhibitions, so that products can better meet the needs of the exhibition
market, and then promote the sustainable development of green innovation in the
domestic exhibition industry.