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“Eco-friendly Booth Evaluation Standards” Partly Drafted by LINGTONG Exhibition Systems Released


Chinese Ministry of Commerce has
released the “Eco-friendly Booth Evaluation Standards” (Standard No.: SB/T
11090-2014) on June 20, 2018, which will go into effect officially from April
1, 2019. The standards were proposed by Circulation Industry Promotion Center
of the Ministry of Commerce, and mainly drafted by LINGTONG Exhibition Systems.

Over recent decades, Chinese
exhibition market has developed rapidly and played an important role in the
global exhibition industry. However, with the rapid expansion of the number and
area of trade shows, the disadvantages of unbalanced development are gradually
exposed. Serious pollution in venues, huge consumption of resource and energy…These
problems have a serious effect on the sustainable development of China's
exhibition industry.

It is urgent for China's exhibition
industry to change, attaching great importance to quality instead of speed.

It is the first step to transform and
upgrade China’s exhibition industry, and will be the only way for China’s
exhibition industry to continue development.

The new standards have rigorous
parameters and good coherence, clearly listing the requirements for a
eco-friendly booth in design, material, environment, safety and construction.
It will be a guideline for other departments to release related regulations,
and will provide support for the green development of exhibition industry.

As an industry leader and the main
drafter, LINGTONG has been actively cooperating with Circulation Industry
Promotion Center of the Ministry of Commerce. We participated in the whole
process of the draft of industry standards, and invested a lot of manpower and
material resources to push the retrieval and discussion of related standards in
the early stage.

“Eco-friendly Booth Evaluation Standards”
(SB/T 11217-2018) is the fifth released industry standard that LINGTONG
participated as a main drafter.

4 other standards have been published
and implemented:

Specification for energy saving and
consumption reduction in exhibition industry (Standard No.: SB/T 11090-2014)

Exhibition Demountable Desk (Standard No.:
QB/ t4936-2016)

Exhibition Equipment Terms – Aluminum
Booth (SB/T 11161-2016)

Classification & Technical Specification
for Booth (SB/T 11162-2016)

LINGTONG will continue to abide by all
provisions of standard strictly, keep up with the development of the exhibition
and display, gain access to the latest technology, and reduce the consumption
of energy and materials during production. As a leader in China’s exhibition
industry, LINGTONG will promote the further implementation of green exhibition,
and realize the sustainable development of China’s exhibition industry.