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Another authority certification-LingTong obtained OHSAS18001 system certification


On June 5, 2018, LingTong Exhibition successfully obtained the
OHSAS18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification!
This is the company's management system has once again been given authority
recognition after obtaining ISO9001 quality management system certification,
ISO14001 environmental management system certification, Intellectual property
management system certification, and Integration of informatization and
industrialization management system certification.

This OHSAS18001 system certification shows that the company is constantly
developing and growing, and it also pays more attention to the occupational
health and safety of employees. LingTong continuously strengthens the level of
occupational health and safety management of the company, ensuring that the
company can provide a good working environment for all employees to meet the
requirements of occupational safety and health, and ensure that the interests
of employees, enterprises and related parties are balanced.

In addition, the authoritative certification of the OHSAS18001 system can
improve the corporate reputation, corporate image and team cohesion of the
company, and enhance the competitiveness of the company in the domestic and
foreign markets. LingTong Exhibition will continue to strive, continue to
follow the scientific and standardized implementation standards in the future
business management process, actively undertake social responsibility, and set
a high-quality example for the construction of modern enterprise!