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Lingtong Exhibition is entitled to 2017 Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Giant Enterprise


Currently,Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission released Jiangsu
Province Science and Technology giant enterprises and products with the feature
of profession, delicacy management, exclusive possess and innovation. According
to the list, Lingtong Exhibition is entitled to 2017 Jiangsu Province Science
and Technology Giant Enterprise.

Science and Technology Giant Enterprise refers to those enterprises or industry No.1 who
has strong technology innovation and excellent quality, occupies a
comparatively higher market. The strict standards on management system for
being listed included annual main business income, production technology and
craft, product quality, intellectual property, technology standard and quality
guarantee, and security management. The indispensible standards also emphasizes
the talent construction, management procedure and social responsibility.

As a leading enterprise in domestic exhibition industry, Lingtong always focuses on the
production innovation in the exhibition field with a large proportion in
products development and research. Up to now, Lingtong has applied over 270
patents and keeps putting various patent products into market. Meanwhile,
Lingtong advocates Craftsman’s spirit. Lingtong pays attention to improving
product quality and building brand. Lingtong keeps enhancing core
competitiveness. Lingtong is awarded as 2017 Ministry of Industry and
Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China brand leading

Jiangsu province Science and Technology Giant Enterprise is a recognition for product,
technology, market and management for Lingtong Exhibition. Based on national
advertisement industry zone, Lingtong will exercise its influence and attracts
talents and teams from home and abroad to join Lingtong family. Lingtong will
collaborate with universities and colleges in development and research.
Lingtong will try its best to improve industry innovation, pushing exhibition
industry into middle and top end and making its new contribution to building
Jiangsu province a manufacturing power.