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LINGTONG published 2016 Enterprise Social Responsibility Report


Publish Date: 2017-05-31
Blamed for social responsibility, create harmonious society together. 
--- abstract from LingTong Exhibition System Co., Ltd (LINGTONG) "2016 Social Responsibility Report”
During the May of 2017, LINGTONG published "2016 Social Responsibility Report "to public. The Report is the 7th Social Responsibility Report that the enterprise publish each year continuously, since LINGTONG first publish report in 2010. From the perspectives of the Company Management, Clients Services, Environment Protection, Cooperation of suppliers, Caring of staffs and feedback from the society. The report claims LINGTONG. The purpose of LINGTONG is to strengthen the communication without places, and acquire recognition of related divisions, thus letting the continuous development be true, and become a better enterprise. 

LINGTONG important milestones in 2016. 
# The sales continuous increase over 17 years. 
# The Company adopts the managing model of Amiba. 
# It moved into the architecture area of Changzhou National advertising industry with area 75000 square meter. 
# Published the industry standards OB/T4936-2016 and .
# Company got the honor “Jiangsu Province Proprietary Industry Brand Top 50” and “2016 Jiangsu Province quality Model Enterprise”
# Become the vice president of Chinese Green Exhibition Alliance
LINGTONG Social Responsibility 2016, LINGTONG will consider and follow the social responsibility as pursue, and will also follow the sustainable and responsible business model, in order to realize the commitment for clients, partners, shareholders, staffs, environments and society. 

First, pay attention to customer experience, to provide quality services. The company has always been to customer satisfaction as the focus, "to create value for customers, and customers grow together" as the goal, and actively fulfill the "domestic and foreign customers to provide quality and reliable and environmentally friendly display system products and services "business mission. For the individual needs of customers, the company integrated design, technology, services, quality, procurement and other teams, to provide customers from the pre-sale consulting, booth design, installation and construction to training, maintenance guidance, information exchange, regular return visit all-round services and the strategic customers to establish mutual trust mechanism, regular high-level visits, improve service quality, enhance customer satisfaction. 

Second, advertising green theory, practice low carbon and eco-friendly As a leader in the exhibition industry, LINGTONG from their own start, and constantly practice the concept of green, put forward the "green exhibition, the global service” concept, and let "to become the world's most influential display system manufacturers and service providers "as the company's strategic objectives, processing the global market layout. First, an area of 180 acres of new industrial park has been put into use, and in the park to build 800 kilowatts of distributed photovoltaic power generation projects, with practical action to practice green low-carbon concept. Second, in order to further standardize the future development of the exhibition industry, the company and the Ministry of Commerce to develop and improve the green exhibition series of standards (for example: has been promulgated the "exhibition industry energy saving work norms "(standard: SB / T 11090-2014) (SB / T 11161-2016), "Booth Classification and Technical Specification "(SB / T 11162-2016), "Exhibition Equipment and Materials "(SB / T 11161-2016), "And the adoption of the "green booth assessment standards ", etc. ), through the development and standardization of the standard system to promote the sustainable development of the industry.  Third, the company actively participate in the preparation and organization of China Green Exhibition Alliance and promote green exhibition with exhibition industry chain upstream and downstream of the organizers, venues, service providers, etc. Fourth, the company launched a multi-channel green environmental design and use of training and exchange activities, so that more exhibition practitioners understand how to use green materials, how to achieve green exhibition, in which spread the concept of green exhibition. 

Third, deepen the supplier management, achieving harmony and win-win Companies follow the principle of "equality, fairness and fairness "and adopt a variety of ways to strengthen communication with suppliers and strive to help suppliers improve their performance in order to achieve "long-term cooperation and achieve win-win "goals. Through the cooperation agreement to join the anti-bribery clause, to guide suppliers to clean business, standardize the operation. Through the supplier management and communication, and guide suppliers to operate integrity, focus on resource protection, letting social responsibility expand to promote the implementation of the industry chain partners, and jointly promote the coordinated development of economy, society and the environment. 

Fourth, create a home atmosphere, concerned about the growth of staff People-oriented company, the "equality, respect, communication "values into the company management, attaches great importance to and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees, and provide staff with a good platform for development. In the company to vigorously promote the "sunshine, harmony, happy "work philosophy, the establishment of a set of care for employees, treat employees, training staff, improve staff standardization process, carry out "Mid-Autumn Festival sent affectionate ", "employee birthday ", "staff Collective travel ", "reading exchange ", "evaluation of advanced and advanced "and a series of activities, so that employees have "home "sense of belonging, the establishment of "outstanding leadership outstanding honor award "to reward long-term service staff in LINGTONG. Company improves the job description and performance appraisal system, to provide staff with a wide range of development channels and long-term career development plan. 

Fifth, sincere feedback to the community, join the public welfare undertakings Company in accordance with the law to pay taxes, to absorb more labor employment, and continuously improve the level of staff salaries and benefits, based on the support of local public welfare and industry development. Through cooperation with universities, for the exhibition industry to cultivate a large number of exhibition display talents, promoting the development of the industry. 

Following the donation of $ 1 million for the Yaoguan Town Center Primary School (the exhibition area) in 2015, it will be used to expand the school building. In December 2016, and invested 100 million yuan, in the remote center of primary school set up "Lejing education award fund ", for the award of outstanding teachers and students with excellent academic performance. LINGTONG funded the establishment of the Qin Tuan Zhuang LINGTONG Middle school, in the teaching conditions have been a qualitative change, the company has set up a "well-informed fund "to provide scholarships for students. In addition, in July 2016, the company organized the staff team for unpaid blood donation, with practical action to highlight the corporate social responsibility. 

2017, we will pay more attention to our own responsibilities and mission, and strive to create LINGTONG as a trustworthy and respected well-known enterprises, while not forgetting to feed the community, with the motherland with prosperity, and the times grew up!